Getting Started

Clients often come to us with a variety of unrelated investments that lack a coherent strategy. We relish the opportunity to organize and create a portfolio out of disparate investments. We also enjoy building new portfolios directly from cash.

From the beginning, you will work with a team – a senior portfolio manager and an administrator. Your portfolio manager will create a personalized Investment Plan for you and implement it with a diversified portfolio.

Close communication is emphasized at the outset. We want our clients to understand the rationale behind our decisions. We also want you to feel confident that we are meeting your objectives.

Your senior portfolio manager will:

  • Create a Statement of Investment Policy to ensure the portfolio is invested in accordance with your specific goals and objectives.
  • Determine the appropriate Asset Allocation for your portfolio, based upon a number of factors, including income needs, investment horizon and risk tolerance.

  • Work with your professional team – attorney, accountant and/or financial planner – to ensure that the investment management of your portfolio is coordinated with your estate plan and tax situation.
  • Assist our non-profit clients with return expectations and withdrawal assumptions to support long-term planning for operating budgets and capital projects.